A couple of days ago started snowing at night and all of our girls wanted to enjoy and experience it. Everyone was watching it and taking pictures. Such a great experience to see everything covered in white. JOY was definitely the feeling that you could see in their faces.

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#4 Cyprus

Did you know that Cyprus is known as the Island of Love? This island has a long history of love. It was thought to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, Antony gave it to Cleopatra as gift, and Richard the Lionhearted fell in love with a woman there, prompting him to put the Crusades on hold for a year while he stayed with her.


#3 Brazil

Did you know the word “Brazil,” meaning “red like an ember,” comes from pau brasil (brazil wood), a tree that once grew abundantly along the Brazilian coast that produced a deep, red dye. Brazil wood was valued by European traders who came from the Portuguese coasts in the 16th century to trade with the Tupí-Guaraní Indians.