New Portena girls enjoyed Thanksgiving celebrations at Mr Usher’s house!

They also wrote on coloured cards what they are thankful for in their life.


Christmas Box Appeal

Here at CDL the boarding community have been busy creating Christmas boxes to send to children in Eastern Europe.

There are many children in Eastern Europe who may not receive presents this Christmas so these boxes will definitely put a smile on their faces.

The boxes include school supplies, toys, snacks and items used for personal hygiene. The New Portena girls have put a lot of heart into this project and managed to complete eight boxes to send off this Christmas.


House Competition: Masterchef

Today was the sixth house competition of the school year; Masterchef. New Portena were given the challenge of making a Starter and the girls decided to focus on the diversity of our house to create a colourful and healthy dish.

Well done Dahlia, Natalina, Irina, Alessia and Alina! And a big thank you to Dahlia’s Mum for Facetiming us and making sure we didn’t face any culinary disasters.

Now to wait for the results….