Academic Awards

We are very proud of Steph, Malia and Sophie who won the awards for the highest GPA in their academic programmes in Grade 9. Steph and Malia achieved an impressive 3.75 and 3.76 respectively, while Sophie has scored 5.3/6 in her 3ème programme.

In addition to this, Crystal also won an award for the highest GPA in IG2, an amazing 4.04. 

We are very proud of all of our girls in New Portena who’s hard work and dedication has contributed to a House average GPA of 3.26! Amazing work, ladies!

Activity Award

Congratulations to Natalina and Becky who were the deserved winners of the Activity Award at last night’s Boarding Awards Ceremony. This award is given to the students with the highest Activity attendance, and those who create a varied programme for themselves. Well done girls!

Boarding Life Award

Congratulations to Sophie and Herluce who won the Boarding Life Award at the Boarding Awards Ceremony last night. This award is given to those who embrace being part of the Boarding Community and are enthusiastic about the opportunities and experiences available to them. Well done girls!

Talent Show 2019

Congratulations to all of the New Portena girls who participated so enthusiastically in last week’s Boarding Talent Show, earning themselves 2nd place! Also a big well done to the rest of the Boarding Community for putting on such a great show!

The girls did a live recreation of the Girls Like You video by Maroon 5 and Cardi B!