Samdi Du Partage

The CDL Make A Difference Society (MADS) and the Parent Faculty Association (PFA) are teaming up to support the Partage food bank this year. Partage is a Geneva-based, hunger-fighting charity, which supports thousands of fortunate individuals and families each week with 3 main goals:

  • Social: helping those in a precarious situation and fighting hunger
  • Economic: providing professional rehabilitation for job seekers
  • Ecological: reducing food waste while maintaining a small ecological footprint

During these difficult times, it was nice to see Elise jump at the opportunity to help others. This was her individual project for the Wellbeing Pillar 2, celebrating diversity and combating against bullying.

Well done, Elise!

Bake-off competition!


Sakura thank you for this project which can be linked to our wellbeing project. Bringing diversity and  inclusion through a Japanese recipe.

Bianka and Radka thank you so much for helping with the decoration.


Gift Box Appeal

Some of our girls helped packing and carrying boxes for the gift box appeal as part of their individual project for this Wellbeing Pillar, which is celebrating diversity and combating against bullying.

This appeal is aimed at helping children learn about giving to others not as fortune as they are. The timing links well with the UN “Rights of the Child Day” on 20th November. A number of schools use the appeal to show that poverty is not so far away and help students to understand how others live. This is a non religious and purely humanitarian appeal. The Gift Boxes get sent to needy children in Eastern Europe children who have never had a gift, many living in unbelievable poverty. In the boxes are special treats, sweets and toys, provide toiletries and especially school needs, so helping them attend school with items not provided by the state.