An afternoon with our friends at Lake Geneva

After school one day, our tutors took us to the lake because the weather was so nice. We sat next to the water talking with our friends enjoying the evening and looking across the lake at the mountains. It was nice to go to the lake after a long school day, especially as it is only 5 minutes away. Elizaveta P and Elizaveta U. Grade 8


Boarding House Welcome Dinner

We loved the Welcome Dinner for all the boarders because there was live music, including  two pieces played by boarders, a lot of food and it was fun to be there to meet new people that started school this year. Everybody looked great and all the girls from our house looked pretty. There was a lot of food from different countries with several  ‘stations’ to choose from and a lot of courses. We loved it! Maria F (G8) Katia K (G7)

Chocolate Factory

We went to the Cailler Chocolate Factory and saw how the chocolate was made. There was a museum inside where each room was decorated with the history of chocolate. At the end of the factory there was a choclate tasting room – they were really yummy. After the chocolate factory we went to the pretty town, Gruyere where the famous cheese is made. We had  lunch and enjoyed spending time with our friends from the boys boarding house, Concha. It was a great day, I really loved it and it was my second time going there! (Julia T Grade 8)

The amazing trip to aqua park in the Valais

At 9.30am on our day off, Jeune Genovois, we started our journey to Aqua Park in the Valais which is situated on the opposite side of Lac Leman.

During the two hours bus drive,we were chatting, some were listening at their favorite singer’s new song and some were looking out at the window, admiring the beautiful view that Mother Earth created for us.

By the time we got there, everyone was very hungry, probably because we were all hyper on the bus and ended up using the energy we got from the breakfast. We had lunch right after we got off the bus, which was a sandwich some chips and an apple. After we had lunch, we went in to the park and were told to meet outside where we were dropped off from the bus at four which was five hours later.

I had lots of fun inside the park, I was with one of my friends from the boarding house playing the water slides for the whole time! There were different levels and I found the black colored water slide the most terrifying, since it was all black on the inside, so we couldn’t see any turns or drops inside the slide!

While we were waiting for my other friends to come out, we had a little snack, which were delicious apple chips and chic chip muffins. I combined the chips with a coffee  ice-cream, which tasted really good!

On our way back, we were all tired so most of us went to sleep, which included me…

It was a very fun trip and I hope that we can go there another time during the year!

Carmiel Zhuo (Grade 7/5)