Back to school…

Ski week is over and all the Old Portena girls are back again. I hope everybody had an amazing time in holiday. I am still remembering the Valentine’s disco – it was so fun. Here is a photo with my friends before we went.

This is 14 out of 20 Old Portena Girls

Living in Old Portena

Old Portena is a wonderful house to live in. It is a peaceful place which you can always call home. During a hard school week our tutors will always understand our problems and take our words seriously. We have house activities and study hall every night after school. I love our cooking activity the most. During the weekend we have free time and activities. Every Saturday we go shopping in Geneva and enjoy the wonderful views over Lake Geneva. On Sundays we have trips to different places around Switzerland which are fun. We usually end our weekend with hot chocolate and talking to our friends before another hard school week.    Sofiya V and Anna S (Grade 8)