Lavaux Vineyard

This was an excellent and interesting trip and we liked collecting and pushing the grapes to make juice. We liked eating the grapes and having free time in Vevey. Thank you for this trip.

(Anastasia N)



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It was very fun and the water was so clean! It was the best activity and I want to do it again! Thank you! Maria A

On Saturday I went to the wakeboarding activity and I like it a lot. It was very cool. I really want to go again next Saturday! Valeriya K


Horseback Riding on Saturday

Every Saturday Louise and I  go to the Horseback riding at 09h45. We like to do the great lessons because it’s cool. I like it very much. Louise and I are some of the best riders there. We are so happy of this, so thanks to Miss Christina,Vittorio,Emily and Islam. NATALINA O

Every Saturday I go horseriding with my friends Daria, Louise, Natalina and Taleen. This week I chose to go for a trot because I was a bit tired but then after the trot I played games with my horse and we had fun. I like this activity very much.

Alina B

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Our teachers come to visit our Boarding Houses!

Last week we made invitations to give to our teachers to invite them to our boarding house. They came to our party last night after school. It was a very interesting experience because it’s my first year in CdL and I have never seen teachers in our boarding house before. We all ate some lovely food and I played the horse thread fiddle for them as they came in.

Margie B





Baking Scones

After getting some inspiration from the cooking competition yesterday, I baked scones for all the girls in Old Portena and put blueberry jam on top of them. cooking insp


Today many students had fun in Aquapark. We swam in a wavy pool and we went on the slides. It was very cool! I talked a lot with my friends from Old Portena and Concha and it was a great day.

Daria N


Grade 7 Camping Trip to Torgon

Last week we went to Torgon for one week with Middle School. The thing I liked best was hiking because we went to the mountains and we saw beautiful views. In the evenings, we did activities in the chalet and for the night time activities we went to the border of France and Switzerland which was very cool because we could stand with our feet on each side and say that we were in two countries at the same time! The Survival Training was excellent because we went to the woods and we learnt how to save people. I really like the camping trip this week. We were very happy to return to the boarding house too though!

Alina B