Escalade Race Geneva 2015!


On Saturday 5 December 4 boys ran the Escalade 5km race in Geneva! The boys completed the run through the old town of Geneva passing the incredible Cathedral in the city centre. Well done boys!

Dmytro Kuchirka
George Kachamila
Yilun Ma
Nikita Popov

We need your flight tickets for Christmas!

Please send the flight information for Christmas and January to Anthony/Sam now! We need to know what time your students are departing and arriving back to Geneva so we can organise transport to the airport.

Using the famous line from ‘Uncle Sam’ – ‘We need you‘re flight tickets now!’


Christmas Gala 2015

Last weekend we had the Christmas Ball at the Kempinski Hotel in Geneve! We had to dress up smart and had a sit down meal in the Hotel. The food was fantastic and we all had a good time! Below are a few photos from the night.





Boarding House Awards!

In the recent Boarding House Awards Olympus won 8 Medals; winning the second highest amount of medals for a Boarding House and the most amount of medals for a single student. Special mention to Yilun Ma who received the highest grade in Grade 10 (boarding), achieving 4.25/4! An incredible effort.

Boarding Life

Oscar Gomez
Lorenzo Bellon
Yilun Ma


Oscar Gomez
George Kachamila
Yilun Ma


George Kachamila (12/20 in the French Bac Bilingual Section)
Yilun Ma (4.25/4 in the iGCSE English Section)