A Sunny Weekend!!

Imanali taking in the beautiful view of the lake and Alps!!

Ryunosuke and Aoto taking a break while visiting Lavaux vines.

Tony enjoying another great ride through the woods here in Versoix. The sun was shining leaving it a great day to be out on a bike!!

Kevin came to visit Olympus today, he was over the moon with joy as Mr.Xavier showed him his electric guitar. Kevin loves a little bit of Rock&Roll!


Wednesday Night is Meeting Night

Like each Wednesday tonight we held our house meeting to discuss upcoming events for the coming week.

Arsneii presented the Challenge him and Mr.Tom are participating in on Saturday the 5th of June.

Scan the QR code to see all the information on this event!!!

Arsneii’s 42km running route that he is going achieve next Saturday!!

Mr.Tom’s 165km route that he is going to ride next Saturday!!

We also had a visit tonight from Mrs.Jody where she shared a quick presentation with the boys with some of her great and wonderful idea’s for some group projects she will be running next year.

Saturday activities !

Dear all, we are happy to share a  few shots of many different activities that our boys took part this Saturday. We have a really nice sunny day and some of our boys have gone also to Geneva and the Lake Leman. The weather is becoming better and we are delighted to see them enjoying the possibilities of our area.

David and Hanwen attended the cooking activity. Cookies !








Iyowuna.. Model on the photography activity.

Tonight we had another House Competition. The Quizz !

and to finish the day… Eurovision !!

Its time for our Boys to Graduate!

Daniel has been at CDL for two years and finished his final exams today, we celebrated together at the G12 leavers dinner.


The G12 got together properly for a meal, something we haven’t been able to enjoy as much as we have wanted this past year, but this was a special moment, enjoyed by everyone.


Good Luck Boys……….. We will miss you!

🏐 Bump, Set & Spike 🏐

This evening we had a very competitive game with the guys of Concha. Our seniors shared the court with the younger ones and we had a very nice game.

Focusing and communication are 2 very important skills that our students work on the games of the volleyball tournament.