BOO!LYMPUS: Comings and Goings at CDL

Welcome back, Boys and Ghouls!

It’s still the October season at Olympus Boarding house and we’re feeling all sorts of festive:

Below, we can see the turning of the leaves here in Geneva. From the fresh greens of spring and summer, autumn flares intense reds and yellows to welcome the new and exciting chill!

But of course, Autumn finds itself not only focused on the passing of the leaves or the season, but also the passing of another birthday. Below, we can see our very own Toma blowing out the candles on his Eighteenth birthday. We wish him all the best and do so quickly so that we can get at some of that cake. Which was delicious, by the way.

So, boys and girls, October rushes to a close quickly, but not without its many charms. With Hallow’s eve around the corner, we wish all of you an exciting rest of the season. With our best wishes, from Olympus Boarding House!


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