KING OF THE HILL: The Olympus House Competition

Hercules, Hector, Perseus, Jason (2021) illustrated by Mr. Jakob


The Alpine crown weighs heavy on the head of Switzerland. It’s a great honour to have so many high, high mounts of such quality. There’s nowhere in the world quite like it. The peaks that mark the border between land and sky in our beautiful country are as famous as our heroes.

At C.D.L, the buildings that stud our campus are named after these summits. Eiger, Cervin, Saleve, Mont Blanc…


‘Olymp.’ the golden mount. The landing of the Gods. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Hermes, in all their glory and immeasurable violence ruled over the Greek Isles with irresponsible wrath and questionable logic. Unlike the proud sentinels of C.D.L’s mount Olympus, whose rule is fair and only somewhat irresponsible.

Mount Olympus was scaled by many. But only the Greek Heroes were able to heave themselves atop the marble platform. And proceed onwards into the annals of Elysium as legends. And this thirst for championhood is something we encourage at Olympus, accomplishing it through the inter-grade House Competition!

Raking together points through good deeds and victory in glorious combat, our grades compete to scale the mountain and reach the top. Those who penetrate Zeus’ temple at the summit, get to ask favour of the Gods at the activities committee and secure funds for an Olympus-related adventure like no other.

Mr. Tom can be seen waving in the background as the imposing wooden slab of mount Olympus can be seen in the foreground, mapping out the progress of the different grades within the boarding house and their proximity to sweet victory.

Bringing up the rear, Grade 12 (Hercules). In fourth, Grade 11 (Jason) close behind third place occupied by Grade 09 (Perseus) and leading the way, Grade 10 (Hector)


Only the truest champions can labour their way to Godhood.

May the best win and may the fall from the top break only your bones. Saving your spirit for the day you try once more.

All the best from Olympus Boarding House!


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