Olympus Fun : Exhilarating weekend at CDL

After a full weekend of exams, the Olympus Boarders had a chance to relax and participate in the numerous activities taking this place on this new boarding weekend.
In a sunny environment of camaraderie and good times, the students were able to take part in height challenging Climbing Circuits, intensive exchanges in Tennis, spirited and cohesive Handball games and calming Pilates sessions. Our Boarders had also the opportunity to take part in special activities this weekend, such as the exhilarating attractions in Luna Park, the fascinating spectacle of the Gonet Geneva Tennis Open and the Boarding trip to Porto. All these activities offered the perfect set of fun and excitement our boarders needed to prepare for a new week at CDL.

Dinner delight : A successful House Dinner at Olympus.

This Thursday was yet another opportunity for our Olympus Boarders to gather around a successful House Dinner. After their school day and numerous extracurricular activities, the students were able to assemble at the Boarding House and savour a delicious Lasagna with Salad. After eating their main course in an environment of camaraderie, the students were able to end their meal with a delightful Tiramisu desert. The House Dinner set the perfect convivial environment to start the evening.


CDL Weekends : The Olympus Boarders prepare for the Final Sprint.

This new CDL weekend was an opportunity for our Olympus Boarders to regain their energy and maintain their studying rhythm for the upcoming exams. They were able to participate in various activities giving them the chance to experience a fun and relaxing environment with their friends. From new activities to the regular weekend activities, they were able to choose from a diverse selection of choices.

Our Boarders were able to take part in intense Tennis matches, exhilarating Climbing circuits, creative Cooking courses, relaxing Pilates exercises and air freshening Golf sessions. In an environment of entertainment and conviviality, the students were able to experience a fun weekend, giving them the chance to reconnect and prepare for the final sprint of the school year.

Boarding Weekend Activities : A Weekend of Adventure and Relaxation

This Boarding Weekend offered a variety of activities to our Olympus Boarders. Enthusiasts geared up for climbing adventures, navigating rugged cliffs with experienced guides. Saturdays saw lively Tennis action on the courts and peaceful Golf sessions in the afternoon. Sundays brought an exquisite Brunch, gathering the students around a great set of food options and a calm and peaceful environment to start the Day. At CDL, the weekend allowed the Boarders to explore these different activities in a spirit of camaraderie and excitement.

Journey Through Tanzania: Exploring, Discovering and Serving with the Olympus Boarders

For the Spring Break, our Olympus Boarders were able to take part in yet another fascinating adventure. In Tanzania, the Olympus Boarders had an exhilarating trip! They engaged in diverse activities, including touring a coffee farm and contributing to a community project by building a goat shed. Interacting with locals, savouring traditional cuisine, and embarking on a safari to observe the region’s wildlife added depth to their experience. This journey broadened their knowledge and life experience and left a lasting impression on their hearts and minds. It is with a sense of camaraderie and fascination that they returned to CDL this weekend to begin the last stretch of their school year.

CDL’s Olympus Boarders Unite for a Weekend of Sports and Charity

Last weekend, the Olympus boarders of CDL embarked on an exhilarating adventure filled with camaraderie and sporting prowess. Amidst the set of weekend activities ranging from the intensity of Tennis, Handball and Boxing to the adrenaline rush of skiing with the Ski Club, and the serene yet challenging practice of Pilates, there was something for every enthusiast. However, the highlight undoubtedly was the Football 4 All charity tournament for Tanzania, where skills met compassion in a spirited display of sportsmanship.

A Thrilling Weekend Unfolds at CDL

In a whirlwind of excitement, the Olympus Boarders embarked on an unforgettable weekend at CDL, where exhilarating activities awaited their eager participation. From the high intensity of boxing to the skill of tennis, and the challenges of handball, climbing, and skiing, there was something to captivate every adventurous spirit. This weekend was also the opportunity for our Boarders to visit the Geneva International Motor Show, one of Europe’s most important car shows. As they embraced the thrill of each endeavour, the students forged unforgettable memories while having yet another entertaining weekend at CDL.

The Inaugural Clash of the Boarding Football Tournament

In the debut football tournament match for Olympus, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as two formidable teams faced off on the pitch. The game showcased a blend of skill and determination, capturing the attention of the spectators on the side. The clash set the stage for a series of legendary encounters that will define the grand victor of this tournament.

Olympus Adventure : A Weekend of Sports and Roman Charm at CDL

The Olympus boarders at CDL recently enjoyed a weekend filled with exhilarating activities that brought both excitement and unity. From the gripping Climbing Cup, where an Olympus champion emerged victorious, to a friendly tennis activity showcasing skills and sportsmanship, the boarders demonstrated their prowess in various sports. In between, moments of relaxation were found through mindful stretching sessions, and invigorating trail runs added a touch of nature to the mix. The main event of the weekend was a memorable trip to Rome, where the students explored historic places and experienced the rich culture of the City. This weekend not only provided a diverse range of activities but also creating lasting memories  that will be cherished for a long time.



Frosty Adventures and Mountain Magic for the Olympus Boarders

Last weekend’s CDL Mountain Weekend at Leysin was nothing short of spectacular, providing thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience amidst the beautiful Leysin landscape. From exhilarating skiing adventures down the powdery slopes to the joyous laughter echoing through the air during tobogganing escapades and ice skating, the mountain weekend was a true celebration of winter. For those seeking a unique and immersive experience, the opportunity to take part in igloo building added a creative touch to the snowy landscape. Moreover, the excursion to the glacier showcased the pristine beauty of the region, allowing participants to connect with nature. The CDL Mountain Weekend proved to be a perfect blend of adventure and camaraderie.