University Fair

Yesterday evening some of the senior girls attended a Presentation by top US universities, this was their only presentation in Geneva. It was a great opportunities for them to ask the representatives questions about the curriculums 📝

Healthy Dinner in the House

For the Well Being Program tonight we decided to learn about nutrition and healthy eating by sharing a meal together in the house. We recognized how easy it can be to create a meal that is made up of healthy and nutritious foods.

Thank you Varya for being an amazing Chef!



Enjoying the Last Warm Weekend

Friday evening we enjoyed an international barbecue while listening to students and staff singing.

At cooking and baking we had fun using our creative sides to make a delicious pastry!


During our biking session we spent time in the sun while appreciating the surroundings of nature around us.

It was the perfect weekend to spend time on the Banana Boats, where we tried our best not to fall in!



Today we had the third session of Wellbeing. 💆‍♀️

Everyone mediated for 10 minutes in silence. Then, we sat outside and coloured the different parts of a black and white clock, to have a visual idea of their schedules. House Parents and Tutors shared healthy coping mechanisms to better manage sadness and stress when feeling overwhelmed. 

La Vie de tous les jours

Voici un mercredi à Villa du Lac! ☀️

Behold a Wednesday at Villa du Lac! ☀️

Après les activités/temps d’étude et avant le dîner, on a fait des biscuits pour la Réunion de ce soir en écoutant un peu de Dinah Washington et Frank Sinatra🎶

After the activities/study hall and before dinner, we baked cookies for the House Meeting this evening to the sound of Dinah Washington and Frank Sinatra🎶

Après dîner, pendant l’heure de convivialité on promeut toujours le rassemblement amical entre élèves internes et staff à l’internat. Ici au CdL on est une grande famille, et les familles jouent au UNO!

After dinner, during social hour we encourage convivial interaction between boarding students and boarding staff. Here at CdL we are a big family, and big families play UNO!


Entre-temps, les biscuits sont prêts! 😍

In the meantime, cookies are ready! 😍

La Réunion, qui se déroule tous les mercredis soir, c’est très bien passée. Notamment, deux filles ont été annoncées House Prefects! Félicitations aux deux seniors qui l’ont bien mérité!

The House Meeting, which we have every Wednesday evening, went very well. Notably, two girls were announced House Prefects! Congratulations to the two seniors who most definitely deserved it!

Wellbeing Program

As part of our Wellbeing Program, today we talked about how we manage our time.

We gathered outside enjoying the good weather and drew the different parts that make up our day. Within our small groups, we recognized how we can improve our routines to feel more organized and less overwhelmed.

It was a good exercise 🙂