Our Champion

Last weekend Yasmina participated at the Concours de Saut International in Barbizon, and finished 3rd place in 140cm Class and 2nd place in the 135 Class!

Well done Yasmina. We are very proud of you!

Disneyland Paris 🏰

Today the Disneyland Paris weekend comes to an end 🧚…but this is only the beginning! There will be many more exciting trips for our boarders at CDL throughout the year.

They are making their way back from the hotel now after a great day at Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. They enjoyed the fantastic weather as well as the amazing shows and fireworks. To top off the trip everyone had dinner at Buffalo Bill 🎆

Tree Adventure!

This afternoon children from all Houses went to the Advenure Park in Bougy-Villard. There was zip-lining, obstacle course, tree climbing and an overwhelming feeling of fun  ☀️ The entire Lake Léman is visible from the park, the perfect place to take pictures 😊