Mountain Weekend in Crans-Montana

This weekend we headed to Crans-Montana for some fresh air in the mountains. The girls enjoyed participating in a variety of activities including skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, Real Fly, snow tubing… the list goes on!

We soaked up the sun and had a great time bonding with the whole Boarding Community!


Hiking with the Huskies

On the weekend the girls had an amazing experience hiking with huskies! They each had the opportunity to walk with a husky through the snowy pathways in the mountains. We were very lucky and had beautiful weather! The smiles on their faces says it all… what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Wellbeing: Warning Signs in Friendships

       Today for our Wellbeing session we focused on identifying the warning signs within friendships. We looked at different scenarios that could occur amongst friends such as, “Your friend tells you not to hangout with certain people” or “Your friend threatens to hurt you” …

     With coloured sheets of paper, we decided on whether the situations were normal (green), a warning sign (yellow) or a bad sign (red). For each scenario, the girls expressed a variety of perspectives and gave insight of their own experiences dealing with toxic and healthy friendships. It was an insightful Wellbeing Session today!

Building positive friendships

This week we have started a new pillar in our Well-being program. We will develop this third pillar for the next weeks and it is about building positive friendships. As an introduction to the new topic, we had a presentation from Yasmina and Hai Ngan. Friendship is a very important value in our house and we hope this will be very useful for our girls.

Welcome to Villa du lac :)

Welcome Sofia!!!We are very happy to have you with us in VDL. Sofia is a lovely girl coming from Chile, who wants to enjoy her experience at CDL. She loves practicing sports specially yoga and water sports. Sofia is very friendly and our girls gave her a warm welcome 🙂

First Boarding Assembly of 2020

We had a Boarding Assembly welcoming everyone back! Mr. Usher spoke about the importance of recognizing the success stories in 2019 and not only focusing on the negative news.  A variety of positive achievements were discussed that happened all over the world in 2019, which related to the environment, health, and people.

Later on in the assembly, Miss. Cristina and Sofia Valenzuela focused on New Years Resolutions linking it to the importance of healthy eating. Miss. Cristina described how the human body is the most perfect and efficient constructed machine that we must handle with care and nurture as we grow up.


Later on Sofia had a great presentation on the importance of healthy eating and exercising to better our wellbeing. Through an enthusiastic approach she engaged the audience by sharing her personal experience of balancing a healthy lifestyle as a boarder. Great job Sofia!