Valentine’s day dinner

Dear all,

Love is in the air ! Today’s Valentine’s Day and we had a special dinner in the Léman dining hall.

Special thanks to all the little helpers who helped decorating the dining hall. It was such a beautiful evening 🙂

Week-end 13-14 february

Dear all,

Another great week-end for the CDL community !

For the ones going skiing, the weather was amazing. Our girls went to La Tzoumaz or Les Crosets resorts.

Akmaral in La Tzoumaz

Nycol in Les Crosets

On campus, things were busy, as our students got to choose between different activities such as yoga, cooking, tennis, or science clubs. And we had a lovely dinner for Valentine’s Day tonight !

Mila, ready to play tennis !


Lots of love,

Villa du Lac