Graduation day !

Dear all,

Today was a very special day for our senior students… graduation day! Their hard work paid off; our students got their diploma!

In light of the current pandemic rules, CDL created a hybrid ceremony: the students graduating gathered in the tennis court of CDL and the ceremony was broadcasted online while their loved ones could watch it from one of the houses on campus before going to meetup with their child. This solution was also ideal for families who haven’t been able to travel and wanted to attend the ceremony. Technology is so useful to find ways to bring people together… 🙂

We have to admit we were very moved to see all these happy faces on campus, as our girls Noor, Gabriela, Nina, Nycol and Olga S had a marvellous day. We wish them the best for their next adventures. We love you, girlies!!


Quiz competition

This weekend we had a special event: The Big House Quiz. Every House participated in this competition to prove their knowledge in several topics: School, Switzerland and general knowledge. Villa du Lac was represented by Varya and Herluce and they took us to the victory, well done girls!! Villa du Lac rocks!

Long week-end !

Dear all,

We had a long week-end as Thursday and Friday were bank holidays.

We offered activities to our students despite the poor weather: accrobranche, badminton, tennis, biking, cooking… No time to be bored at CDL !

The girls at the accrobranche ! Adventure awaits !

An all-Villa du Lac girls tennis session !


Week-end 30/4-02/05

Dear all,

We had a lovely and busy week-end !

First, on Saturday, we went to play tennis indoors…

Vivien and Mila

… And then our House Parent LucĂ©lia cooked the best chicken curry for dinner ! Yummy !

Today, Sunday, the G9 and 10 had the opportunity to visit the Cailler chocolate factory and go around the beautiful village of Gruyères, in the Canton of Fribourg. Although the day was cloudy, it was filled with laughter, cheese and chocolate.

Coco  and  Yanning

Vivien  and  Mila


Akmaral  and  Nastya

Coco and Mila


Happy Orthodox Easter !

Dear all,

happy Easter. in Russian

Today is Easter for our Orthodox friends !

Our students Elizaveta, Valentina, Emilia, and Sophie decided to bake traditional Russian Easter cakes to celebrate this special day.