Charity #Wellbeing

In our Wellbeing latest conversations  (Pillar 2 Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity) we focused on Charity, “providing for those in need; generosity and giving”  finding that even small actions can make a significant difference.

As previous years Boarding students have been very enthusiastic participating in the Christmas Action Project where presents are prepared and delivered to foster homes with children.

Terray girls decide to do their bit. They bought a personalised gift,  wrapped it nicely and attached a meaningful message. Natalina and Olivia were one of the lucky students who accompanied the delivery of the presents with Mr Usher and Mr Salva and they couldn’t be happier seeing the smile of the kids receiving their present 🙂

During yesterday’s Boarding Assembly Olivia, Natalina and Johannes shared their experience with all the Boarding students and expressed the positive impact of this action.

Thank you for your generosity!

Europa park + Freiburg trip

The CDL group including Ana S., Maeva and Louise travelled to Germany’s biggest amusement park.  Europa Park is situated in the town of Rust near Freiburg and has beaten the global competition to win the award for the best amusement park in the world several times in a row. Europa Park is first and so far the only park in Europe to be given this award!

Also, the students played a visit to the traditional Freiburg Christmas Market in the heart of the beautiful old quarter.

That was a great weekend!


Aya and Helen ART exhibition 🎨

One of the highlights of this week has been the participation of Aya and Helen in the art exhibition held by Webster University. Congratulation girls for your participation!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

Community Service #Wellbeing

In our weekly wellbeing meeting, we have talked about the important role Community service plays at Collège du Léman. How can we participate, what are the positive effects of our actions in favour of the community and what kind of sense and fulfilment we can find.  These are some of the questions we have talked through in our meeting discovering very positive answers.

Our school encourages all students to connect with the greater community, giving them the opportunity to engage with a variety of activities. Terray girls have helped to mentor students, cleaning up lake Geneva, helping staff in our everyday tasks, teaching younger students, etc..  Some of our girls started really early! like Ana Sofia who helped to clean up the beaches of her hometown with her family as you can see in the picture below 🙂

Wonderful to see your kind spirit girls!