Wishing you all a fantastic Summer !!

Happy holidays! !! We wish you all a well-deserved and relaxing Summer holiday! Thank you to our J.B. Terray girls: Arlene, Muslima, Galia, Angelina, Katia, Bozhena, Bianka, Amaliya, Joelle, Lia and Sofia for making this year so special and enjoyable for us.   We shall miss you!

Boarding Team ( Your Swiss Family )

From Villa Terray , A HUGE thank you to our Partners in Crime for their support, resilience and perseverance this year !! 🙏

Mrs Pauline Nord, General Director

Mr James Bearblock (High Principal ), Jana Krainova-Samuda ( Head of IB Programmes),  Mr Philip Shaw (Deputy High School Principal , AP Coordinator  and Charity Coordinator , Ms Tracy Usher ( High School Administrative Assistant)

Mrs Amanda Gardiner ( IB Core and Reach Coordinator. English and Theory of Knowledge Teacher )

Mrs Melanie Batey ( University Advisor )

Our wonderful Admissions Team lead by Mrs Laura Bayat

Mrs Claire Rocheteau (Camps Manager ), Matthew Svenningsen and  Annick Quard ( Camp Coordinators)

XCR Activities Team


Our  Kitchen Staff lead by Mr Olivier


Our nurses, Mrs Floriane Maitre and Mrs Aliénor Régis

Mrs Paula Vieira  ( Our Cleaning Lady)


Mrs Marina Karpova ( Guidance Counsellor and Learning Support Services )

Our IT Team lead by Mr  Jean-François

Mr Carlos Riberio (Administrative Assistant)

Mrs Rosario Bautista ( Book Store )

Mr Jean Pierre ( Security Staff )

Mr Alain ( Crossing Staff )



Hichem Mékacher ( Reception)

And special mention to Mr Usher ( Boarding Director )


Madam Salamin (  Deputy Head Boarding )


and  Mr Salva Politano  ( Deputy Head of Boarding and Pastoral Program)