Wellbeing Pillar 3, Building Positive Friendships

The weeks before the February break, our well-being sessions continue and we will concentrate on the third pillar: Building positive friendships. Tonight, during our house assembly, we focused on: What are the benefits of an international Friendship? How does the boarding house support and encourage those friendships? What advice would you give future students coming into an international school environment? And lastly, do you know some examples of famous international friendships?


We also watched this interesting video about international Friendship Day

January Monthly Assembly

Our first Boarding Assembly in 2023 has seen the launch of The Third Pillar of our Well-being Program, Building Positive Friendships. In Boarding this is even more emphasized. By being away from the family, the students are led to create strong bonds to lay the foundations of their “Boarding Family”. Peers, roommates, colleagues become like brothers, confident, close friends… in some cases, inseparable for life. The nature of this connection is then authentic, genuine and forged by the circumstances and the kinship that the setting enhances. This third Pillar will accompany our students, and it will offer them the opportunity to work on a range of many different projects and activities until February Break.