Sporty Spice Mondays

Last week the Volleyball tournament for Girls started.
Our three girls also signed up for it and played today their first game against another house.
They did their utmost and scored some brilliant points!
Nonetheless it was the other team that took the win home.
Well done Ladies, we are proud!!!

A weekend away at Europa Park☀️🎢


This weekend we got the chance to discover Europa Park in Rust, Germany! Wowwww

The girls had an amazing time going on all of the attractions and spending some free time with their friends:)

They were so well behaved we are so proud and the team was amazing!!

Also a big thanks too Fabian, Lina and Cassandra for helping us with the children:)

The weather was amazing and the park was absolutely fantastic. Here are some pictures of the kids to show just how much fun was had!

Summer is coming☀️☀️☀️☀️Above are some beautiful pictures of our amazing weekend!

Food Truck Festival

Today we got spoiled with a delicious oriental meal.
To make it even more special, they came with a food truck on campus!
Like that everyone could sit outside in the sun to enjoy the food even more!

Sunshine in our pocket ☀️🛥️

What a busy but enjoyable weekend we had!

On Friday the girls enjoyed some free-time in Versoix

Followed by Saturday strolling around in Geneva – where ofcourse they bought some delicious Macarons –

And on Sunday…. We did a trip by boat to Yvoire. A historical little town in France!

The girls got to spend some time off here with their friends, time to visit the lovely town and of course time to make some pictures.


Back into the house they did the May-fitness challenge of the day: Planking.

As you can see they had a bit their own technique, but hey what counts is that they are participating, right? 😉



Who Japan says – says SUSHI

Today our girls came back from their trip to Torgon.
However time to rest they did not have.
In the evening we attended the final assembly of the year.
Here they also introduced the new wellbeing pillar – Making safe and responsible choices.

Afterwards, as every Wednesday, we went to the international dinner. This time a Japanese chef was hosting it and he pleased us with delicious specialities. Ofcourse the favorite of the girls was: SUSHI!

The May-Move challenge is also still going on.
Goal of the day: Walk as far as you can.
Our girls did a great job, Manu even almost got to 10k!

Well done!!!



Weekend vibes ❤😎

We hope everyone had a happy sunny weekend from Concha Annexe✨🔆

On Saturday morning Paria and Sabina baked some yummy deserts in cooking!

Also a big congratulations to Manuela for starting back private horseriding lessons on Saturday morning! We heard she done absolutely fantastic. The instructor Cristina was super impressed!❤🐴

Afterwards the 3 girls spent the afternoon in Geneva! Drinking starbucks and enjoying the lovely weather😁😁

On Sunday we went to the beautiful and interesting Patek Phillipe museum and the girls really enjoyed it!

Finally! This month we will be doing a May fitness challenge! 😊😊😊

Todays first challenge was….

How many jumping jacks can you do in 30 seconds?

The girls got the following impressive scores..

Manuela-37, Paria- 48, Sabina- 35! 🥰🥰🥰🥰






Arrivals at the airport

Yesterday Sabina and Paria arrived back from their well-deserved Easter Break.
Paria surprised Sabina at her arrival and they where super happy to see each other again.
The rest of the weekend they talked a lot about their adventures, went out in Versoix and mostly rested to be ready again for tomorrow!

We are so happy to have two of our girls already back in the house <3

Online Safety😎

Online Safety pillar 4!

This term, we done an online safety pillar learning about 4 important factors.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online life
  • Online wellbeing
  • Conclusion

The girls took part and made a fantastic powerpoint on online safety. Aswell as doing a phone detox.

In conclusion. This pillar was extremely important as sometimes we forget how dangerous social media can really be! Lies and I are super proud of the girls on all their hardwork and insight when taking part! I think this will stick with the girls for life and really make everyone think before they post! 🤞


Once again, Happy holidays!😊😊


Happy Holidays!

A big happy holidays from Concha Annexe 🙂

We hope everyone enjoys their time off, although we will miss the girls alot, we know they are very excited to see their families and friends from home!

We cant wait to hear all about their adventures after the break.

See you next term:))

Dinner at Home

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Yesterday evening we got to eat a delicious lasagna in our home. We curled up on the couch and watched all together a movie while eating: Big Momma. The meals Together on the couch Vegetarian alternative Movie night: Big Momma

It’s Friday then Saturday Sunday (what)

Sabina, Paria and Manuela are off to a great weekend.
The three of them will spend some lovely time outside of campus with their parents and/or friends.
Before leaving, they still went to happy days for a good meal and to meet up with their other friends.

Enjoy the weekend girls, we will miss you and will welcome you back on Saturday and Sunday evening!!!


Healthy habits and more…

Today the three of them went to Photography where they had to make architectural pictures.
They made some good shots from the buildings on the campus and around.
Have a look through their cameraroll:

In the evening the girls like to enjoy a healthy juice.
Paria’s favorite is with banana, Manu likes to mix apple with oranges and Sabina has not a preference and loves to create new flavours.



Also, our house gets more and more cozy. Today our little lights arrived and it gives immediately a vibe to cuddle up under the blanket and watch a movie together. Perfect for the upcoming rainy days!


Talent Show !

Tuesday it was finally time to show to the rest of the boarders and staff members how talented each of our students are.
Every house got the chance to do a performance.
We did a combination of a signing – dancing act together with Old Portena, the previous boarding house of Manuela, Sabina and Paria.
It was a fun evening and we are proud of all the students that got on the stage!

Well done 😀

Welcome to Concha Annexe <3

Hello Everyone and welcome to the blog of Concha Annexe!

Last week we, Katie and I, Lies, finally got to open our house and welcomed three amazing students who moved from the house Old Portena, to here.
Their first week has been really busy by moving all their stuff from one house to the other, decorating their new place, having a sleepover in the weekend, welcoming friends and doing many activities such as cooking, a movie night and going to the aquarium in Lausanne.
Paria also celebrated the Iranian New Year together with some other students. They cooked and enjoyed from home-made traditional dishes.
Yesterday we had our CDL-Day where all the students got spoiled with good music, snacks and where they could cheer for each other during the Grand Prix.
We are off to a good start and we as Houseparents are glad to have those three wonderful girls in our house!