All-Stars Team

The last picture attached was taken during our last basketball match as a team. We only won two matches during the competition, however, victory in the competition was not our overall goal. It was a good learning experience for the boys, considering they are not basketball experts or regular basketball players. This activity helped them to develop many aspects and traits which are inline with our Boarding Wellbeing Program. These include Friendship, Sociability, Internationalism and Positive Role Models, to name a few. I am very proud of them as they kept playing until the end and they have learned that the most important aspect of teamwork is participating and having fun together, rather than the result.


Weekly meeting

I wanted to show my boys the reality of other children’s lives. I have noticed that at times they do not realise how lucky they are, or acknowledge the privileged position that they find themselves in. They complain about school, about not having enough free time, not having enough spending money to buy something or about school food. In order to give the students some perspective, I found this video which shows the lives of families working in gold mines. This is quite a powerful video and message, however, I hope this will help them to realise how many good things they have in their lives and for them to be more positive next time they have these thoughts and feelings. After we discussed the subject in detail before the boys went to bed.

Weekly meeting with Galette des Rois

Yesterday, in our House meeting we discussed the Coronavirus. This is a very sensitive topic within our Chinese community we wanted to avoid any misunderstandings and reassure everyone. The School sent out advice to us and parents so that everyone could be well informed and to avoid rumours. 

After this, I wanted to share with them something that I found in France which always brings back memories of my childhood. It is one of my favourite cakes called “Galette des Rois”. It is a typical cake from France which is made only after Christmas.

It is just delicious and I think they appreciated it a lot too.

Weekly Meeting


To keep going with our well-being program, today we spoke about the importance of being surrounded by good friends. To give them a clear example of how determined if our friendships are genuine, we watched this video. Then, we chat about what each of us values the most in our friendships.

Weekly Meeting

We started the third pillar of the School Well-being program. For this pillar we are going to focus our discussions on these topics:

  • Friendship groups
  • Sociability
  • Internationalism
  • Positive role model

The basis of all relationships and role models start by respecting one another. It is why we watched a YouTuber video explaining this very clearly in 7 big points about “respecting”.

Then, we discussed the video as always, sharing examples. At the same time, we were eating some delicious delicatessens `Kosei` brought for us from Japan. ​