House assembly


This week we talked about smoking and in particular about vaping. It is one of the first big risks that our kids are going to face. Therefore, I showed a couple of videos to them where they explain the main risk of the electronic cigarettes. ( and ) It was a good coincidence to talk about this subject since India banned the e-cigarettes in its country this week. ( Even so, when I was looking for Youtube videos for showing to them I noticed that it is hard to find videos that talk about the dangers of this practice, most of the information given is actually the opposite. It is a proof of how much influence the vaping companies have in the society hiding the real risk of this fact.

After that, we did a little exercise about how to avoid a complicated situation where a friend is insisting on trying a vape. One of the most common reasons why they first try is because they do not know how to say “NO” to their friends and they do not want to not look “cool” enough in front of them. After listening to them I gave to them some advice to refuse any drugs and still appear “cool” in front of their friends if they got surprised in this kind of situation. However, advising them to avoid to hang out with people who are suspected of these kinds of practice.

To reassure you here in the house we count with 6 healthy sportive boys that have clear ideas on this field. Collège du Léman is very sensitive to this cause, setting up all the steps needed to have that away from our boundaries.

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