Team work out

Last evening I noticed my boys were having an excess of energy so I took them to the fitness room and I focused this energy doing a quick induction to the fitness training. They trained for about 30 minutes and always under my supervision. Do not be scared they took the big dumbbells only for the group picture, I hope in a few years they will be strong enough to move these weights!

Well done, very good work out boys!


Surrounded by NATURE

Our friend of today was a hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) It is a strong flier, dispersing widely in the summer. However, it rarely survives the winter in northern latitudes but this year because of the warm summer we had the opportunity to appreciate this interesting big insect here in Switzerland. It is often confused with a hummingbird due to their size and its particular way collect pollen from the flowers. Some of the boys could appreciate this specimen before it flies away.

It is a real chance for us to live where we live.


The 3rd picture it is from Google 🙂

For those who want to know more:

Time to work with their body!

Yesterday we went to train altogether. We did 30 minutes of training combining running and some exercises with their own weight. The boys surprised me, asking me if we could do this more often. Every week I will do at least one physical activity with them to increase their “brothership” between them and to give them a healthy habit, even though, I saw you did a very good job with them since they are all quite sportive and fit. 

Have a good weekend and do not forget to post some comments.

Thank you!

(Apologies for the picture quality)

House Assembly


Today we had our proper first house assembly. The house assemblies are a meeting with all the house where we discuss together new information for the week and also I introduce them to a topic related to a healthy lifestyle so it goes hand by hand with the well-being program this year. It will take place every Wednesday.

Our today’s topic was: “How important is sleep?”. We saw all together this video . We discuss after the importance of having a good sleep, advice like switching their phone or how to use the blue light filter in their phones. They were surprised about some evidence the video showed!

They all enjoy this moment all together and we vote for our House Representative. Boys chose Gerardo to be their Representative. Congratulations Gerardo!


Mountain Weekend in Leysin

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Hello everybody! Here you have a little selection of snaps of ours House boys. They all enjoy very much this amazing experience in Leysin (click here to know more about Leysin ). There they did many activities like climbing, via ferratas, mountain biking, orienteering, outdoor survival skills, and many others. It was a successful experience for […]

SMAK the game coming from the Suisse mountains (Wellbeing activity)

Yesterday night we started with our Well-being week activity. It is a program that the school is implementing in order to teach them healthy mental and physical habits. 

This time, in order to show them a traditional game far from screens and social medias I chose to play to SMAK a Suisse game which is a kind of bowling. 

We all enjoy this time outside taking profit of these last warm night before the cold arrives.



The Concha A. family 2019-2020

I am very glad to introduce you to this awesome team that will be a pleasure to lead during this school year.

From Left to right we have Juan Carlos and Gerardo from Mexico, Ilian from Switzerland, Kosei from Japan and Andrew and Ling from China! 

I anticipate an outstanding year for all!