Weekend 20th – 22nd Summary 1/2

A small summary of our first part of the weekend in CdL .

Our clubs don’t stop and the participation of our boys from Concha and the other interns is increasing. Badminton on Friday, training camp on Saturday are some of the things our boys have been able to enjoy.

The cooking activity, one of the most popular by the CdL community, has returned to the scene and both Liam and Owen participated yesterday where they prepared delicious chocolates.

Our dear Yuto had a great time in horse riding, he loves animals and spending time with them.

This Sunday we have prepared the classic bike route and… in the afternoon the main course: <<House competition: Bake-off! >> Where our boys have started to prepare a delicious cake that… we hope the judges will love it! We will share the process and the final result in our next post 😉

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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