Weekend 20th – 22nd Summary 2/2

And another week coming that has come to an end… There are only 4 left for the desired Christmas Holidays. Winter is approaching and is beginning to be noticed with the drop in temperatures. We hope that soon we will be able to enjoy some snow !

This Sunday has been a very busy one! Cycling, skateboarding, cooking, our traditional 40/40 in the garden… and much more. Thank you very much to the kids for their participation and effort in the cooking competition, they have done a great job.

At the College du Leman we value the wellbeing of our children very much. That is why we continue to put into practice on a daily basis what has been established in our Wellbeing Programme for them. Staying active, eating well, interacting with the community by cooking, playing or simply talking among many other things… is something we see daily and we encourage our children to continue doing it.

Concha team wishes you a great start to your week.


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