Wellbeing Pillar 3 – Building Positive Friendships

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce that we have now launched our 3rd Pillar of the Wellbeing Programme.

At College du Leman, teaching extends beyond the classroom. The family environment in which we live should encourage students to take care of each other and create a strong bond, and above all, one that will last a long time. Many friendships are formed and they find that their social circle becomes larger, more diverse and more interesting.

Friendships are a very important element in a person’s life. This is why boarders will experience throughout this pillar various ways of making friends that are beneficial to them. They will also have to analyse and understand that there are situations in which certain social environments can be harmful and should be avoided, the more than well-known “bad influences”.

As with the previous pillars in the previous term, each child will have to develop an individual project and work together with the others to develop the group project. They will also participate in various workshops organised by the school’s Advice Department.

An example of the key points we would like the children to move away from this pillar is the power of listening when it comes to strengthening or creating a bond with someone we know or are getting to know. They should also know that there are conflicts between great friends and that, despite having differences in something, it is important to know how to overcome that conflict in the most positive way possible.

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