House Meeting – Well-being and Kahoot 🤩

This evening, we held our Weekly House Meeting in Concha. We discussed our Healthy Bodies and Minds projects, and what  we could do to help each other keep fit, happy, and healthy as a family in the Boarding House.

Aryan, who has been voted to represent Concha on the Dining Hall Committee, stood up during the meeting to talk about his experience of becoming fitter and healthier whilst living in Concha. Aryan proudly lost weight last year, changed his eating habits and started playing more sport to improve his physical and mental well-being! Well done, Aryan!

We finished the evening with a wonderful Kahoot activity organised by Bisher, our House Captain. Good job, Bisher!

A special mention to Georgiy, who was very active during the discussion about exercise and physical fitness. Great to see, bravo!