Marshmallows night!

Friday evening the boys were treated to a nice marshmallow party, courtesy of Mr. Findlay.
We had a lot of fun around the fire and trying to make the best marshmallows possible.

American BBQ evening!

Last night the boarders were treated to a BBQ night by the kitchen staff.
We spent the evening outside where we enjoyed our meals and the great company. Hah, not to mention the beautiful sunset!

End of Year Party

This past Sunday, all of the boarders spent the afternoon in the garden doing a variety of activities and eating delicious food and snacks. This was a great way to not only enjoy the sunshine and the end of the weekend, but to celebrate this amazing year and all of the accomplishments.







Grade 6 presents school plays!

Grade 6 students at CDL have been preparing theatrical plays in the last few months and our boys participated in them too.
Albeit the room was dimly lit to help the audience get immersed in the experience we managed to capture some moments of our boys being on stage!

We were treated to a very well put together and performed play which blew us away! Great job boys and girls!

Liam taking center stage, playing one of the main roles of the play, as the son of the goddess

Firdavs played the head of the messengers loyal to the goddess

Andrew’s part to play was to be one of the acrobats. Albeit we could not capture him doing a wheel spin, we all witnessed him pulling it off!

Matvei towers above all the wizards!

The students are happy to finish off the play with this last celebratory move.

International Dinner – Singapore

Wednesday evening we got a real treat at the international dinner. We got to have some very tasty and superb food which captured the flavors of the Singaporean cuisine. We also got to spend this lovely time outside in the garden where all of boarding sat down for a pleasant time!

Happy Birthday Shiryu!

Shiryu had his birthday on Sunday and with the house we organized a celebration for him!
Happy Birthday Shiryu once more! Hurray!

Camera shy at times but Shiryu always loves to show us a funny expression!

Imagine being a bird…

“Imagine being a bird, being able to enjoy the view of Lake Geneva from the air, feel the warm breeze, and move from side to side, up and down, with no limits”.

In Concha today the dream has come true, our adventurers Firdavs and Mohammad have accepted the challenge of paragliding and have jumped to the air in a tandem flight with an instructor.

The adrenaline of the take-off follows the calm while you fly over the treetops of the “Roche de Naye“, the castle of Chillon, and other surrounding villages, to approach the landing strip, with some acrobatics for the more courageous, and end the flight with a huge smile on your face.

Speeding Into a Birthday Adventure: Karting Delights

Yesterday we had the opportunity to celebrate Ivan’s birthday in a Karting, it was definitely an adventure. During 3 rounds of 10 minutes, the adrenaline kept us on our toes, between each round we laughed and talked, but we also shared tips on how to learn to drive, or at least how not to crash.

Afterward, we enjoyed some delicious pizzas and sang happy birthday to Ivan while eating cake.

A great afternoon for Concha’s boys with great memories for sure!