Louis Degallier does Masterchef,!!!


Herman put together a Beautiful Rabbit with cream and white wine sauce with Roast Potato and Carrots ( even though Diego didnt think so)


Herman Adding some vital Ingredients

IMG_3036 - Copy

Herman left the Rabbit to cook to perfection, ( even though Diego did not agree)


Osama Prepared some authentic Onion Baji for the Judges to start with ( unfortunalty Doego did not like these either)

IMG_3032 - Copy

Ingredients = Onion, Flour, water, chillis, Garam Masala. some very very hot oil and a lot a lot of love. ( which was wasted on Diego)

IMG_3033 - Copy

Osama must have strong eyes as I was in tears from the onions just watching him cut them.

IMG_3031 - Copy

Preperation Preperation Preperation

IMG_3020 - Copy

Herman after the results, deciding what dish he is making for Diego next year


Yes Chef!!!

IMG_3020 - Copy

Herman Looks for inspiration for the Master chef house competition


IMG_3023 - Copy

With the Master Chef competition just around the courner, Herman ( Louis Degallier`s Head Chef) Spends Friday night putting is Menu together.

A #32, a #45 and extra prawn crackers. The chinese pull out all the stops for there international dinner


Herman as Head Chef as he Prepares for Master chef this weekend


Mr Bareblock asking for an extra spring roll


Hongkun enjoying his time with the ladies


A magnificent feast was had by all this Tuesday as the Chinese students pulled out all the stops for the chinese International Dinner. Everyone commented on how good everything was, Even the Chicken cooked in Coca Cola.

Thank you all who helped put this on for us we all loved it.