Roll up, Roll up, All teachers welcome!!!!


On Tuesday evening the Guys welcomed teachers into the house, Some teachers taught them now, some taught them two or three years ago but a lot of stories were shared.


And even more biscuits were eaten


Even Harry popped down to see what all the fuss was about!!! Sorry Harry all the biscuits are gone


Ali Ben perfecting his role as number 1 babysitter


Ali Ben, Your Hired


Are thoughts and prayers go out to Paris


After the atrocities in Paris last Friday, College Du Leman and the boarding house took time on Tuesday to pay their respects to the innocent people killed in the barbaric attacks on Friday evening in Paris. In a time of such uncertainty and worry the international spirit off goodness and freedom shone through as the world stood in unity against the mindless minority trying to disrupt and terrorize our way of living. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to everyone affected.