Build me a Spaghetti Tower !!!!! Go


Jianou and Wentao went for the quick and simple method and relaxed thinking they had it in the bag.

With the new year came a new house competition, and after Ali ben was beaten so badly at Go-Karting he was out to try and win back some points. The challange was to build a spaghetti tower, its simple the tallest wins.


Ali Ben and Faisal went for the straight up method, and somehow with alot of tape and I think by holding their breath he got it to stay up and take second place with 50cm


But in first place with a very impressive tower showing knowledge of a strong base and the strength in triangles. Gleb and Denis produced this tower and 60cm


Just dont Sneeze


The guys were given 20 pieces of spagetti a metre of string and metre of tape and a marshmallow for the top. ( I didnt get any marshmallows back by the way)



But there was only one winner, WELL DONE GLEB AND DENIS