And the Master Chef is………..

Hansen started things of by preparing the Salmon for the Menu

Yilin created a Marinate, using Sweet chilli sauce, Ginger and some very secret knowledge.

And now we wait……..for 30 min

Tough Crowd!!!! The boys needed to be on top form:……..

And they were, they pulled out all the stops to create a first class performance.

They served and Asian Inspired Salmon with sweet chilli and Ginger, with Sugar snap peas and Water cress.

Its all about the Presentation

Well done guys, A great menu and a great performance.

Its been a busy 1st week back in Louis Degallier!!!!

We had the pumpkin carving competition

A great effort from all the houses..

The design process

This was some intricate work, Iakovs IB art helped here

Start at the top

This was the scariest Pumpkin the boys could ever imagine!!!!

Iakov and Artur visited conference held to celebrate Astronaut Claude Niccollier. He was joined on stage by one of the Men that actually walked on the moon. A very interesting evening.

We were lucky enough to see a replica of the Moon Rover car

And Finally we had the Room competition, Jilin and Sam we kind enough to enter their room into the competition. I think you would agree, It a nice place to be!!!