Creativity time!

Weekends are a great time for relax and creativity and Iakov knows how to take advantage of Saturday’s afternoons. Second and third pictures are pieces of his art which have been on display at Boléro Gallery in Versoix.

Welcome the Tour de Romandie!!!

The world tour of cycling past the school on Sunday afternoon. The Tour de Romandie takes in the best of Switzerland and Finished in Geneva on Sunday. Some of the worlds best riders were there preparing for the Tour de France in July.

Silvan Dillier, the swiss national champion was unlucky and suffered a puncture with 10km to go

The whole cycling circus was in tow looking after the riders

Summer is on its way!!

As the temperature is beginning to rise, and the days are becoming lighter for longer there is a definite feeling that summer in just around the corner, and the start of a new period in the boys of Louis Degallier life is just around the corner. The beautiful flowers are out and the sun is shining putting everyone in the mood to study and do their best.