This year it all about Recycling the plastics……… and everything else

This year in Louis Degallier and the whole boarding community, we are focusing our efforts to improve our recycling contribution. Each week, as a house we take our Recycling to the local recycling centre, we take plastic, glass, cardboard and cans


It is a simple process that takes a few minutes each week to make this small contribution towards the sustainability of the environment and the community.


Casper is the House`s Recycling and sustainability manager, setting the example every week


Plastic, paper, cans it all gets recycled. Thanks for the great work Casper…. Keep it up.

Activities on the Last Weekend of November.

Casper attended to a Photography workshop.

Conditions and scenario could not have been better for the workshop.

Zen visited the Patek Philippe Watch Museum

Chenyang delighted us one more time with his cooking skills.

This time it was Crabs with Ginger.

Students from Louis Dégallier and other boarding houses had the chance to taste the delicious dish.

Christmas Market at Collège du Léman.

The sun shinned during the whole day of the Market and we had lots of visitors.

Henrique, Vlad and Yohei, as well as the rest of the prefects of the boarding helped during the charity sell of the cakes that the different boarding houses prepared.

There was a huge variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, sweets and other kid of desserts with recipes from all around the world.

There was lots of different stands of food and Christmas articles as well.

Cake preparation for the Christmas Market.

The boarding community decided to bake and prepare a few different desserts to collect money for charity during the Christmas Market of Collège du Léman.

Final presentation of the Marsh-mellows Crispy Bars, Victoria Cake and Pear Cinnamon Cake .

Casper finishing up the last layer of the Victoria Cake

Vlad was feeling very tempted to eat the cake before being ready. 😀

Zen was on slice duty. His concentration and dedication are impressive.

All together Vlad, Yohei and Casper were working until late to have ready the cake before the Christmas market.

Casper and Mr. Xavier finishing up the decoration.

Tonight Chenyang talked League of Legends and Internet usage Policy…….. and we celebrated Greg and Henrique Birthday

Tonight the boys shared cake and celebrated Henrique and Gregory`s Birthdays,


Happy Birthday Henrique


Chenyang presented his thoughts and experiences of the game League of Legends and his thoughts on screen addiction

The topic brought up mixed emotions for the boys


After talks with Mr Tom, Chenyang implemented the Louis Degallier Internet usage policy, which he created himself to monitor the amount of time each student is on there computers. From now on students will be limited to 1.5hours of online game time a day and any extra time on a weekend will be earned though activity participation and community service. Thank you chenyang…. a great initiative with lessons learned though experience.



Its Master chef time again………

Tonights hand made menus


Vlad and Casper were representing for the Front of house Staff, and a very good job they did to.


The Judges were ready for a full days of tasting


Chenyang was Head Chef for the event, producing a beautiful Chicken wings in a Garlic and ginger sauce reduction. It really was Mouth watering


Vlad explaining the ingredients for tonights meal.


The Judges tucking into the main course from the boys……..