December Awards Ceremony.

Yesterday we celebrated the award ceremony of the first marking period.

Zen got his medal from the Rugby Tournament at Le Rosey.

Casper got a medal for his outstanding participation on the school and boarding activities.

And Chenyang got his medal in the boarding life category.

Gruyeres Trip!!

Faisal, Casper and Anjie joined the group of students who visited the town of Gruyeres.

Caption of the town of Gruyeres taken by Casper.

Another shot of Casper, this time showing the amazing scenery of the Alps and Faisal’s smile of joy.

Volleyball and Yoga.

Two images to illustrate how we finish a week and start the next one.

All the Prefects and the Director of Boarding participated on the weekend Yoga session.

And nothing like a volleyball game to start the week. Henrique shows us some carioca volleyball skills.