Yes please Chef!

Yohei has been a common figure in the kitchen in louis Degallier, and as the year quickly comes to and end, he is still cooling up a storm


Pork ribs, in a Soy sauce with vegetables. It did look, and smell delicious.

Apples and Pears!

Tuesday afternoon is Fruit collection day, The boys in Louis Degallier collect the fruit for all the boarding community. As you can see it is a large order, but the boys have it under control

Greg Visits Japan, Shanghai and new York over the break

In tonights assembly Greg showed us some photos from his trip over the easter. This house was in Japan and the top is coated in pure gold (yes Gold). I think you will agree it is an amazing photo.


Greg had to visit the famous tower while in Shaghai.


You can’t visit New York without going to times square.


Greg visited the memorial of the Trade centre atrocities

Recycling day for Vlad!!

Vlad always sets the example for the boys in the house, and this week he was single handedly doing the house`s recycling


The boys collect all their recycling from he week, paper, PET, cans and even nespresso capsules