“We keep this love in a photograph”…

Dear girls,

It was such a privilege for me to be your House Parent for a few months, and it has been an incredible journey! Watching you grow, mature and work hard to achieve your goals has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I remember the day I came into the House and I met all of you. It was such a big adventure for all of us to learn to know each other after a few months with another House Parent. Thankfully, we became a wonderful team and I enjoyed each moment with you… Even if living every day together was not always so easy! I am proud of you and the progress you have made.

It is time now for me to say goodbye. I know that transition might be challenging, but I am confident you will handle it easily.

Please, remember all the values we have instilled in this House. Always be kind, compassionate, and respectful towards others. Pursue your dreams and your goal with determination as you did for the past few months! And above all, never forget that you are strong and capable!


What if happiness was just a slice of pizza?

Tonight was a special night. It was my last night as Louis Yung 7 House Parent. We decided to celebrate our last evening together with a pizza party! Because… Who doesn’t love pizza?

As you may see, we had so many choices and it was nice to spend a good moment together! It was the opportunity to forget about the stress and the anxiety of the exams that are coming soon.


March Weekend Recap: Boarding House Fun and Activities!

Weekend activities are an integral part of the CDL boarding experience, offering our girls a chance to unwind and explore their interests outside of academic pursuits. In March, a diverse range of activities were offered on and outside campus that catered to a variety of interests and hobbies. The weekend activity schedules with all the options can be found below.

‘Bodyshaping’ and ‘Stretching & Relaxation’ have been by far the two most popular ones for the girls in our House this month. It appears that they have come to understand that physical fitness is essential for a healthy lifestyle and that attending such activities on a weekly basis helps them stay active and maintain their physical health. These classes are taught by Ms. Linda, an experienced instructor who guides students through various exercises and stretches that help improve their flexibility and muscle tone.

As we head into our two-week spring holiday, here’s a look at some highlights of our past few weekends at Louis Yung 7.

Ice Skating – Marusya & Gia