Fit and Fun: Last Week’s Hilarious Fitness Challenge Recap

Welcome to our recap of last week’s May Fitness Challenge! Here’s a quick look at the fun and engaging activities we tackled:

Tuesday: Held a one-leg pose with a partner, testing balance and teamwork.

Wednesday: Catch and clap challenge, where we tossed a ball, clapped, and caught it again.

Thursday: Keepy-uppys with a football, juggling it as many times as possible without letting it touch the ground.

Friday: Jumping jacks challenge, counting how many we could do in 30 seconds.

Saturday: Timed squats with a twist—10 squats with a water bottle balanced on our heads.

Sunday: Finished the week strong with a 5K run, testing endurance and stamina.

Great job to everyone who participated! Get ready for another week of fun challenges. Stay fit and keep moving!