Chocolate festival in Versoix!

Today I heard about the chocolate festival in Versoix, and went there with my house parent, Maria, and my roomate. I enjoyed the chocolate with the strawberries as shown in the picture, and of course the big chocolate fountain. SWISS chocolates are the best!!!

Charity Concert!


“1st of July is the international children’s day and mostly celebrated in Russia and in the previous Soviet countries. With Liza Prigozhina, we organised the last charity concert of this 2015-2016 school year dedicated to the children. The donations of the charity was intended  to help children with their needs. Thanks for Liza Prigozhina for organising this event and for all the students participating in this charity.  The entrance was five franks from each person and the donations made up to 300 franks✨???!!! “


Charity Concert!


imageLast night we organized a charity concert to help the disabled children all over the world. For this we made a musical concert, moslty piano, and earned donations from people coming to see our concert. It was an amazing night and thanks for those who came to see the concert and also donated money for the charity. Malika, Vanessa, Sofiya, Liza and I were the ones who organized it!!