UK trip to visit universities??

We had such a great opportunity to visit some universities which are situated in the center of London and also those which are out of London to be more sure about our future choice. We visited LSE, London City University, Royal Holloway and some others.  



We had an amazing time with our group of 17 students including day students and great experience. Despite the bad weather we really enjoyed it and hope to go back as soon as possible. 

Chocolate Festival in Versoix ???

Last weekend we had a great opportunity to visit Versoix Chocolate Festival which is 5 minutes away from our school!

imageThere were lots of different sculptures made from chocolate and most of them were rabbits and Easter eggs.

imageIt’s such a pity that we have it only once per year. However, it’s good for those who are on a diet?✌?️


Happy Valentine’s Day!


On the 11th of february, during dinner, all the girls got roses from the girls, when us, girls, were giving chocolates to boys. It was fun:) We also had a photo booth where were taking pictures with different masks during social hour.

Today teachers visited our boarding house:)

image image

We were really pleased with warm conversations,  jokes and stories. They had a tour all around the house, we showed them our rooms , stayed in the living room drinking tea and coffee where we usually spend the biggest part of our time. I hope they enjoyed, and we are very excited to see them again soon:)