World News Committee

The brand new World News Committee, led by students and guided by Mr.Rob, Mr.James, Ms.Terri, was introduced in today’s assembly.

Students who are interested in journalism, writing or just love to put their focus on what is going on in the world at the moment are welcome to join. They will discuss current affairs and relevant world news and then present in the future boarding assemblies.


La réforme du Bac se met en place avec succès au CDL…

Les épreuves communes de contrôle continu (E3C) qui concernent les élèves de 1ère, dans le cadre de la réforme du Bac 2021, se sont mises en place sous les meilleurs auspices au CDL, qui devient centre d’examen. Les enseignants ont reçu leurs convocations et les épreuves ont débuté le jeudi 30 janvier , avec l’anglais, dans des conditions optimales. Avec la dématérialisation, autre nouveauté de cette réforme, les copies, anonymes, sont numérisées, les corrections se font en ligne et chaque élève pourra consulter sa copie corrigée sur son propre compte…Une remarquable avancée….Prochaines étapes : les épreuves de LVB et d’histoire-géographie….Merci à toute l’équipe pédagogique et administrative pour son engagement sans faille et plein succès à tous nos élèves pour cette première étape du Bac…Emmanuel Coigny Executive Principal 1er et 2nd cycles #collegeduleman #ecoleinternationale #baccalaureat

Week 17. Wellbeing Session. Of Course We Mess Up!

Friendship, like all other things, isn’t always smooth sailing. It will be tested throughout the years, and only that will make it stronger!

In this session of wellbeing, we discussed how to deal with conflict and disagreement in friendship. First of all, we have to admit people aren’t the same, but it doesn’t change the fact different minds can have similarities here and there. Secondly, communication is key when we have disagreements with friends, we all agree that misunderstanding oftentimes is just lack of communication.

Mountain Weekend 2

Last weekend, boarders of CDL had our Mountain Weekend Vol.2 in Crans-Montana

We had all kinds of fun in our winter activities such as skiing curling and ice-skating

Can’t wait for the next one!

Week 16. Wellbeing Session. Are you a good friend?

How can you make good friends if you’re not one yourself? The definition of a good friend varies from person to person, but there are certain traits, characteristics, and qualities that most people would agree make someone a good friend.

In this week’s wellbeing session, we are asking ourselves are we good friends to others and what makes us a good friend?

Some say we are there for our friends when they need help, others think they can lift their friends up when they’re down, we also agree that good friends should always stay true and honest to each other, respect each other’s individuality and accept each other for who they are.

There are many more qualities of good friends that we have discussed. Some qualities are more important to some people than they are to others. Each person must set his or her own criteria for what it means to be a good friend. And that means you, too, must possess those qualities in your interactions with your friends.

House Assembly

Today our usual weekly house assembly has a special guest, Ms. Jody, our boarding counselor.

The girls are very happy to get to know Ms. Jody, and very grateful for her to visit us.