watch out for this

As the majority of us know already we just want to make it clear for the rest of us who is not concerned about the issue in the boarding house, many people have headlice and nits! They spread extremely easy , so to avoid an epidemic, there are a few simple things you should do:
•Check up your head in the infirmary
•Keep your hair tight in ponytails or buns
In case it turns out you are one of those who got lice, don’t worry! There is nothing to be ashamed of and they can be quite easily removed today comparing to how difficult it was in the past. There is a huge variety of medical shampoos and stuff, which can help.

Good luck, stay clean 🙂

House outing!

After exploring the Red Cross Museum we enjoyed some delicious Italian cuisine at La Trattoria in Geneva.  It was an adorable restaurant and the walls were decorated with old bills from around the world!