An Evening in New Portena (Part 2)



Mr. Allan and Mr. Woodbridge with Anastasiya, Arina, Irem, Angelina and Mara.

Ying and Ming with Valerie and Alia.

Seda, Daria, Varvara, Masha Lagunina, Victoria, Arina, Sofya and Masha Khomutova.

Masha, Daria Kovalyuk and Anna-Monika with Mr. Penrose.

Daria, Varvara and Seda with Ms. Murphy and Ms. Durant.

Mr. McGuire with Ming, Tana, Arina, Masha, Daria Kovalyuk, Sofya, Varvara, Angelina, Victoria, Bruna and Julia.

Seda, Krystina and Maria Lagunina with Ms. Ninaber.

Maria Khomutova, Krystina, Seda, Maria Lagunina and Yulia with Ms. Farcy.

Maria and Krystina with Ms. Sotillo.


An Evening in New Portena (Part 1)

Here are the official pictures of our event, hope it pleases everybody and show the spirit that was around the house during the whole evening.

I want to thank once again Madame Salamin, Mr. Usher and Maluen for their help and support. All the teachers involved in this event and last but not least, all New Portena girls. They worked very hard and did an amazing job. We are so proud! 

Varvara and Julia with Mr. Woodbrige’s daughters.

Anna-Monika ready to start her presentation and Liza setting up all the equipment.

Our guests in the lounge.

 Mr. Lang. Ms. Farcy, Mr. McGuire, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Durant, Mr. Woodbridge and Mr. Allan.

 Maluen with Maria and Krystina

 Anastasiya, Angelina, Irem and Masha with Mr. Woodbridge and Mr. Usher’s daughters.

Ms. Farcy talking with Irem, Masha, Selena and Yulia.

 Mr. Penrose talking with Bruna.

 Mr. Usher talking with Krystina and Sofya.


Evening with the teachers

On Tuesday evening we had the pleasure of having some of the teachers over for dinner in the Boarding House. It was a pleasure to be all together in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening – we hope to do it again soon!

Here are a couple of pictures from the evening:

Selena with Mme Farcy



Yuliya with Ms. Durant



Ms. Sotillo, Mr. Allan, Valérie and Mr. McGuire



Fatoumata, Kristina, Samuella and Mme Salamin



Hibiki with Ms. Sotillo




Mr. Schwarz with Arina and Liza


Ms. Ninaber, Mr. Lang, Anastasiya and Liza

Starbucks Delivery :-)

This weekend all the boarding house went to Geneva as usual. The girls were doing a lot of things, as the weather was actually really good, some people went shopping and some to the restaurant or cinema but me and Seda were walking around Geneva and didn’t know what we could do. As we didn’t have any plans, we decided to go to Starbucks and buy some sweets, brownies and coffee for our tutor and for us. After, we took the train back to school. There, we met our tutor and we had a great time enjoying our meal and sharing all the main events that happened to us during this week. We always appreciate the time shared with our tutors.



Anna-Monika with Rosana