An Evening in New Portena (Part 1)

Here are the official pictures of our event, hope it pleases everybody and show the spirit that was around the house during the whole evening.

I want to thank once again Madame Salamin, Mr. Usher and Maluen for their help and support. All the teachers involved in this event and last but not least, all New Portena girls. They worked very hard and did an amazing job. We are so proud! 

Varvara and Julia with Mr. Woodbrige’s daughters.

Anna-Monika ready to start her presentation and Liza setting up all the equipment.

Our guests in the lounge.

 Mr. Lang. Ms. Farcy, Mr. McGuire, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Durant, Mr. Woodbridge and Mr. Allan.

 Maluen with Maria and Krystina

 Anastasiya, Angelina, Irem and Masha with Mr. Woodbridge and Mr. Usher’s daughters.

Ms. Farcy talking with Irem, Masha, Selena and Yulia.

 Mr. Penrose talking with Bruna.

 Mr. Usher talking with Krystina and Sofya.


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