Our Wellbeing session: Diversity and inclusivity

As a school with almost over 100 nationalities present , diversity is our common language.It helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own. So that as we interact with others we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding.It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. With that in mind we discussed a lot and at the end of our session the girls were encouraged to bring something from home,that they always keep with them no matter where they are,which shows their culture and  to share it with their housemates.


Ekaterina showed us a presentation about her beloved Moscow.

Steph showed us handcrafted bags from Bali, and pointed the importance of spirituality of Balinese people

Doria and Camila talked with passion about Peking Opera.Louise shared secrets of French cuisine.Kokoro told us about Osechi and its importance to Japanese people.Yuqi prepared traditional tea from her city in 3 different tastes. Alison  holding  a Chinese artcraft who she keeps for good luck, finally decided to put it in New Portena for all of us!!!!💖💕❤🙌🙌

Eva and Manya gave a heartbreaking speech about the importance of their families in their lives.



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