Leavers assembly !! 🍾

Hello everyone,

In a momentous celebration, four remarkable young women bid farewell to their school years, marking a significant milestone in their lives. Today, amidst cheers and applause, they stood tall on the stage of their leavers’ assembly, embodying the culmination of their hard work, determination, and growth. These extraordinary graduates have left an indelible mark on their school, and we, their proud supporters, couldn’t be happier. Through countless hours of studying, extracurricular pursuits, and personal development, they have become confident individuals ready to take on the world. As they embark on their next chapter, we applaud their achievements and eagerly anticipate the extraordinary journeys that await them.

Congratulations, Carina, Cherry, Rei and Sara!!

Wishing you all the best!

Terri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana