🙂 Fun weekend 🍰

This weekend has been a very special one, as many of our students have been involved in many activities.

At Olympus we have also been busy preparing our Christmas decorations.

The weekend culminated in a very busy baking competition in which our master baker, Alex, presented what was undoubtedly the best of the participating cakes.

On the Friday evening Louis, Gary, Ivan and Temur trained together to improve their badminton skills. Tim and Murat also played.

Jinwoo (pictured left), as well as Ayu, Ryu and Ilya, were trying out tennis on Saturday morning. On the other hand, Herman and Aleksei (pictured centre and right, respectively) attended their usual climbing class. Also on Saturday, Navi went to the woodcraft workshop, and Adi and Läel were training basketball.

At the end of the day, Nikolai participated in our annual “Samedi du Partage”, encouraging people to donate food for people in need. It is actions like this that make a difference to the well-being of all people.

Kirill (on the right in the photo on the left) was part of the community service battalion, helping with the maintenance and welfare of the school. He also attended a very useful Grounding session with the boarding school counsellor. On the other hand, Alex (pictured right), with the invaluable help of Nikolai, submitted his pastry creation to the baking competition. Nikolai also participated with Christiaan, as they do every Sunday, in the chess club.

Finally, all our Olympus students (in the photos, from left to right, Navi, Billy and Nikita) collaborated in the preparation of the Christmas decorations, promising that next year, 2023, will be even better than this one.

Thanks Giving Dinner

Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving.
As Pillar 2 is about Respecting Diversity, we demonstrate that we live this inboarding through sharing in celebrating others’ cultures. Thanksgiving Day is an annual holiday in the United States and Canada to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Tonight the dining room was well decorated we enjoyed a lovely traditional meal. This follows from enjoying Canadian food last night at our weekly international dinner.

Louis and Herman in Concha Meeting

Herman and Louis discussed their experience in Concha, their ups and downs throughout Grade 8, the importance of being organised, keeping to the rules and the privileges the boys will earn later in the year. They also spoke about the transition from Middle School to High School and the responsibility they now have as Grade 9 students.