Olympus has Fallen…. the Big Jenga edition πŸ˜‚ πŸ’―

Wednesday evening means house meeting. We gather around Tom, as if the warm hearth, and he gives us the good and ill news. For this occasion we discussed our new system of house points…. a healthy dose of competition does wonders to the boys’ well-beings. Wednesday brings as well another nugget of joy: the house competition. On this evening we had a boy of each grade represent their group at jenga. Watch the pieces of Olympus come crashing down: things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.

A grand panoramic of the house meeting. Revel at the enormous common area…!

Mr Tom shared his presentation with all the key points of the evening. Courtesy of Prezi.

We watched a video about knitting for charity. Tis the time to be charitable! Twas the Night before Christmas…..

Boris goes for…. what might it be?

It’s 50 house points! Boris is boarder of the week.

Mirsadi unveils the night’s challenge. Ilya watches in awe. The stars are aligned ! May the odds ever be in your favour.

Gabriel smiles at the camera’s candid eye. Ilya attempts his chance at success. Referees take pictures and encourage the players. They surround the almighty Jenga tower. Babel can shrink in comparison.

Mr Ronan is responsible for this great low perspective shot. Mirsadi tries his best at balance. Said watches on, probably hoping for it all to come crumbling down!


All victorious on the Western Front: Sasha smiles at his victory, Ilya stands proud as second in the game. The flag of Switzerland watches us always!


And an update on our house points mountain board. Mr Tom has enabled a system of magnets to slide the figures up and down hill. Grade 12 are back in the lead ! See you next for more competition, and Wellbeing. It’s a good night from us ! Over and out.

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