Can you riddle me this: What rhymes with agreeing❓

It’s Wellbeing! Thursday at Olympus is a round of the Pillars for grade 12 with Mr Tom and grade 9 with Mr Rodrigo. Agreeing could almost be a synonym for diversity: we agree to respect each other despite our differences. After their respective activities, we had a planner check with our students. Hands up and show us your homework! It’s the planner police. We hope they haven’t been too busy watching The Crown to write down their homework…!

Mr Tom prepared an activity revolving around a Kahoot quiz with the group of grade 12. It gets the debate starting around questions of diversity and the boys’ wellbeing. The boys are on their phones in order to play the quiz.

Mr Tom unveils the results of the Kahoot. Wide grins !

At the end of Mr Rodrigo’s activity everyone got their planners out. Some have used them quite a lot.

And that’s a wrap! Planners back in their schoolbags and boys back in their rooms ready for bedtime. It’s the remains of the day.



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