🤩 Weekend fun 🧗‍♂️👨‍🍳

This weekend at Collège du Léman, Aleksei, Ilya, and Maksim had an amazing time climbing. They tackled the climbing wall with enthusiasm and determination, pushing themselves to reach new heights and overcome challenges. Their teamwork and support for each other were evident as they encouraged and cheered on their fellow climbers. It was a memorable experience for them, and they left the climbing wall feeling accomplished and exhilarated.

Meanwhile, Ayu, Richard and Gary had a fantastic time in the kitchen. They teamed up to cook a delicious meal, working together to chop ingredients, follow recipes, and create culinary masterpieces. Their passion for cooking and their ability to collaborate made the experience enjoyable and successful. They showcased their creativity and culinary skills, impressing both themselves and others with their delectable dishes. Cooking not only brought them joy but also allowed them to bond over their shared interest.

Overall, Aleksei, Ilya, Maksim, Richard, and Gary had a wonderful time engaging in their respective activities. Whether it was conquering new heights on the climbing wall or creating culinary delights in the kitchen, they were able to indulge in their passions and make the most of their weekend at Olympus School.